Customised training & coaching

About Me

My name is Marie Soi and I have been in the branding business since 2007.
I became a reference without anticipating it, but I know that I have always had the ability to sense what others are looking for.
People say I have the soul of an old sage and that I can instinctively guess what my client wants.

Marketing and my experience help me bring out the best in a particular brand or an individual. Clients come to me to ” upscale ” their business and my role is to add value to their brand and/or persona, not to replace them. To do so, I use my expertise and intervene directly on the perceived value.

What is marketing ?

Good marketers are those who know how to highlight their products, how to create emotion. Tailor-made strategies are the only ones that work.
A good marketer knows how to get the viewers’ attention and depending on the feelings generated, they may or may not purchase the product.
As human behavior is random and unpredictable, even with a tailor-made strategy, we have to constantly make adjustments. We are at the mercy of the consumer and he is somewhat capricious, moody, and not quite adventurous.

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