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20 September 2022
Le Point Magazine

Mariesoi Studio : The Upselling Specialist/ The Agency specialised in Upselling   Traduction : Mariesoi Studio : The Upselling Specialist/ The Agency specialised in Upselling Mariesoi studio is a renowned agency specialised in brand image. Since 2007, she has enhanced the image of a person or a product. Marie Soi, the founder is a graphic […]

18 March 2021
Le Bonbon Magazine talked about us

We have a special relationship with Le Bonbon magazine. In 2007 I designed their 4th cover as a graphic designer when they were just starting out. My office was in the 18th arrondissement and I made the 4th cover of Bonbon 18th. In 2015, they talked about us (p10) in a great article. My team […]

18 March 2021
Maanaya Association

This association is dear to my heart. Notably because it accompanies many children in need and teaches the Montesori method. I had the honor to work for the graphic image of this association in Mauritius. I thank Virginie for her confidence, her honesty and her energy! I had the chance to take my daughter who […]

18 March 2021
Interview MBC Mauritius

I landed in Mauritius for business and professional growth. I realised that the influential people in this country only communicate on Facebook and I figured that there was something to be done here. I met a man named Robin Hurreeram who had me work on the branding of his Quad center in Bois-Cheri. He is […]

18 March 2021
Encounters and Circumstances

I went to Mauritius to develop customer services for my own clients. I bought a ticket to stay there for 3 months. Just before leaving, I organised an event for the Hsbc bank and had a great time. I met an incredible woman, who happens to be born the same day as me. She is […]

27 October 2020
Sarah Joly

Website development : Sarah was a very nice encounter. We have worked together for years. She is Naggy’s regular makeup artist, and she leads a life as a seasoned entrepreneur. She organizes events regularly. We took care of her branding, her website and for a short period of time her social networks. Discover her […]

18 August 2020
Gaining followers on Instagram: 3 simple techniques to apply!

How to gain followers on Instagram? How to get more Instagram followers? The first thing to get Instagram followers is to have a clear activity and a clear project. It’s not enough to post beautiful photos, you have to guide your audience to your philosophy. The goal is to create a community, otherwise people will […]

3 November 2018
Boost your Instagram without spending a cent

How to successfully boost your Instagram? How to succeed on Instagram for free? If you decide not to invest money to gain followers on Instagram it is essential to compensate by investing time and energy on this social network. Indeed, to be visible and encourage users to follow you, you need to post more, this […]

19 November 2017
The Agency’s Mindset

Turning the world into my office As an entrepreneur, I could complain about a lot of things, but I’ve chosen to take the most positive view, no matter what business I’m in. I decided to lighten up my life, to make it intense, alive and vibrant. I have extended this philosophy to all the areas […]

15 October 2016
Princess Mom Palace – Thailand

While we were already in Thailand for work, one of my first clients, who had become a friend, asked me to arrange a meeting for her. We were developing a website about Buddha’s energy and the princess is the one who organises Buddha’s birthday event every year. So we were invited to her house, and […]

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