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18 March 2021

I went to Mauritius to develop customer services for my own clients. I bought a ticket to stay there for 3 months. Just before leaving, I organised an event for the Hsbc bank and had a great time. I met an incredible woman, who happens to be born the same day as me. She is the marketing manager for Crocs and her goal is to change the perception of this brand. In short, she was talking to me about my specialty.

Naturally we talked for a long time. I sent her a proposal in the meantime, which she hardly read because of her busy schedule. A few weeks later, I ended up with a suitcase full of shoes for photo shoots in Mauritius.

A week before leaving, I downloaded a conference called QLRR which particularly appealed to me. It was a seminar on financial independence. I spent an entire weekend listening to it, meditating, rethinking my business.

I had been self-employed for a long time but I only thought about serving my clients and I had never needed to sell myself.
I discovered that the person who organised and animated this seminar also lived in Mauritius.
I set foot on this beautiful island, and found myself indulging in :

  • Developing the Crocs image on Instagram
  • Self development
  • Developing my clients’ customer service
I spent a lot of time elaborating the strategy. After a few weeks of relentless work, the locals would drop off coffee and bread to me in the morning wondering who this girl is who works all the time and takes time for nothing.

One day, I was meditating on Albion beach, and a little boy took my Crocs shoes to put them in the water. The mother ran after him to stop him.

We had a long conversation and she told me that she is a stylist and that she produces for big brands. Mage, Kooples and many others!

She always lived everywhere in the world, and her children were born there. We exchanged and, in full recruitment I asked her if she knew a great photographer. Her answer was Yes! Some days later, we had a talented photographer with a big heart, working with us.

The editorial board was enthusiastically validated by the Crocs brand!

At the beginning of my stay I had sent a message to Cedric Annicette (Qlrr event) just to thank him for his content quality.

One month after my arrival and my message, he messaged me back, asking for a meeting as he had a new project : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3VOS4ded78&t=9s

I came to meet him and he immediately targeted the fact that I was stuck in my professional growth because I had become indispensable to my clients. Delegating had become more and more difficult. My clients wanted me. He told me I had to find a solution, and shared a book with me.

We met again a week later to make a proposal for his new project: Mr. Cedric and we can say that it was a rewarding collaboration.
Afterwards, I became a sponsor for a year for his conference which was well over 1500 spectators.

Those who know these stories have asked me to share them and to emphasize on the importance of connecting with others, if not indispensable!
Photo credit: Florence Guillemain
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