Cultural encounter Workshop- Essaouira-Morocco

Category : Event organization
17 August 2016

The idea of a dance workshop in Essaouira came from a shared wish. We purposely chose each participant and speaker with the intention of breaking down prejudices, opening minds, linking people and cultures. We sought to open the doors to a horizon full of hope because we recall what moved us : A mix of cultures, live shows, videos, musicians, artistic directors, dancers, choreographers, DJs, and moments filled with authenticity.We warmly thank all the talented people present on this project, and especially Afid Zekhnini, my partner.

Riad Dar Maris, Françoise & Jean-Pierre Toussaint, Youssef, Simo Samira Touria, Selma, Sofitel luxury and spa, Our students

Videos and Photographs
Thomas Zaderatzky

Musical creator and composer
Malik Berki

Teacher and dance teachers
Afid Zekhnini, Nora Hassi, Steve de Sousa, Ludovic Tronche, Marie Soi

Artistic direction dance
Afid Zekhnini, The Gnaouas (singers & traditional musicians), Imad ed-dine Oulamine (referent), Achraf Derbaki, Mehdi Malsse, Hicham Bengaisse, Fayssal Moumen, Ahmed Derbaki

We cordially thank Dvhold for his participation

Communication – Graphic design
Mariesoi Studio

Mariesoi Studio & Association 6eme Boulv’art

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