Powerful Entrepreneur Conference

Powerful Entrepreneur Conference

How do you become naturally and deeply irresistible?
Are there any methods to know or to implement?

We are making our experience available to you today, in order to make you REALLY POWERFUL.

We are here to ” break down the barriers ” and ” the fears ” that paralyze you today in your evolution as an entrepreneur. You know you are capable of anything, but you don’t know where to start? This program is for you! It has been designed with a combination of techniques usually applied by the most successful INFLUENTS in the world.


We offer a training program that combines the Power of the Subconscious with the Strength of Applied Marketing. It is designed for Entrepreneurs who wish to break through the barriers that prevent them from moving up the ladder. We coach businessmen and women all over the world, and we have decided to make our coaching accessible in a workshop of 10 to 20 people maximum.

We will be able, following this Covid crisis, to physically reorganise the conferences, everywhere in the french speaking world.

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Jenn Coaching

L’expérience entrepreneur puissant à été une expérience transformatrice pour moi. Je suis tellement heureuse d’avoir ce jour là choisi d’investir sur moi ! Grâce à cet accompagnement j’ai appris, j’ai compris, j’ai expérimenté, le tout accompagné par des conseils d’expert 🙏 Merci grâce a vous j’incarne aujourd’hui mon next level.

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