SEO article writing (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) article writing

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Writing of SEO articles (natural referencing)

  • 6 articles (700 words)
  • 6 Visuals

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12 articles, 12 articles – Special SEO, 6 articles, 6 articles – Special SEO

SEO or natural referencing at Mariesoi Studio for a better visibility

What is SEO or natural referencing ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or natural referencing is a set of methods and techniques, allowing companies to position themselves in a sustainable manner on search engines. It is about producing quality SEO articles that attract traffic to your site, and provide you with better online visibility.

Natural referencing : An investment

Choosing natural referencing for your company is an investment, because it will gradually allow you to cut your advertising costs to get better visibility. Contrary to paid search engine advertising (SEA), this positioning is obtained without having to pay money to the search engine.

The only way to make a page visible to Internet users is to optimise it by applying the rules of the search engine. There are more than a billion websites on the Internet and Google, for example, has indexed 30,000 billion of them.

That’s why at Mariesoi Studio, this offer is considered as an investment. Your website can be the most beautiful website in the world, but without SEO, it is more likely to remain invisible.

Mariesoi Studio : experts are at your service

At Mariesoi Studio, our experts will use their skills to increase the visibility of your website, to highlight its content, and to create trust among Internet users by enhancing your image on the web. Trained to write SEO articles that follow the “rules” laid down by search engines, including Google, Bing, or Yahoo and others, their top-quality texts comply with a set of keywords that influence the ranking of the site to be referenced.

1 review for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) article writing

Reconfort Sclérose en Plaques

La création de l’association Reconfort sclérose en plaques, il y a 11 ans, a été possible grâce à la prise en charge intégrale par l’agence Mariesoi avec création d’un site internet, de publications régulière d’informations et articles scientifique, réponses personnalisées aux questions des patients, organisations de réunions régulières d’information et d’échanges entre patients. En bénéficiant de cette prise en charge multidisciplinaire l’association a pu apporter un soutient majeur à des patients souvent en grande souffrance. Merci de nous soutenir depuis tant d’années .

Nous avons dernièrement ouvert un TikTok et nous avons plein de retours positifs grâce à elle ! Pseudo : Dr Sclérose en Plaques.

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